Food Producing Countries

Food is among the most important and also the fundamental economic product in the world. However, only a number of countries in the world that excels mainly in food production. Most of the different commodities need a lot land thus only the world largest countries have enough land. This means land and food production are related. What are the largest food producing countries in the world? The following are the largest food producing countries.

1. China

China is among the top world biggest producer, consumer and also importer. Most of the China land is too arid of farming or mountainous but the southern and also the eastern region has a very rich soil which is extremely productive. The entire workforce of China is known as the largest known food workforce thus help in food production. This country is most known of producing food product such as onions, cabbage, green beans, broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, rice, potatoes, white, carrot, pears, apples, peaches, pumpkins, grapes, lettuce, sheep milk, peanuts fish, honey, watermelons, plums, egg, pork, sheep, goat, chicken and others.

2. India
India is also on the top list known most food productive country in the world. When it is compared to the percent of the food China produce, India effectively manages to produce less than the half of the China total output. What affects the food production in this country is that many of the citizens in most parts of India are too poor to be able to purchase the food that the entire country produces. Additionally, another thing is that the entire population of India is glowing very fast. However, in order to emerge in the top food-producing country, they have reduced the many restrictions on the producers, reduced the food staple spoilage and also improve the infrastructure.

3. The US
U.S is the top known food-producing country. This means that no country produce more food for the US. Despite them having a smaller number of workforces as compare to China, the food production in the US is high as compared to the other countries. There are some specific areas which food production has full spread. These parts are Lowa, Texas, Nebraska, California and also Illinois. Due to this, many American largest companies usually dominate in the food export market. Thus, this makes the US the world largest food exporter as compared to the other countries in the world. However, as compared to the country, the food production has increased rapidly from a long time back (back from 1948 to now).

4. Brazil
The country of Brazil has a history of food production. Thus the entire country economy has been centered on the agriculture. In the time of colonialism, this country has been known for sugarcane production. However, thirty-one percent of the Brazil land is used as a cropland. Most of the largest part produces soybeans, corn, sugarcane and also coffee. Additionally, the country of Brazil is known a major producer of papaya, coconut, oranges, and also pineapples due to its warmth and also fruit-friendly climate.

The above are some of the top food producing countries in the world.

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